About Me

When I'm not designing I like to bake cakes, take photos, and eat good food. I'm also passionate about lighting and language, so you can often find me in the theatre, jetting off to explore another country, or quietly reading on a train.

When designing I like to begin with research to aid in solving a problem, before drawing on technical skills and an eye for detail in order to create designs which are beautiful, functional, and honest. I tend to apply this to branding and digital projects, but I enjoy designing all sorts of things, so there's some projects on my site which are a little different...


Professional Experience

Sky Digital Media Intern Generating designs for the future of Sky’s digital platforms. March 2015 - present

Erretres Graphic Designer Conceptualisation, design and execution of various projects. February 2016 - August 2016

Elmwood Design Intern Assisting the team with design and research for projects. April 2017 - May 2017

Burnley Youth Theatre Web & Graphic Designer Design, construction and maintainence of online presence. January 2012 - present

NHS East Lancashire Web Designer & Developer Designing and constructing a new youth mental health site. November 2012 - November 2013

Key Skills

Language Native English speaker with working capacity in Spanish.

Web & Technical Fluent in HTML and CSS, with basic working capacity in PHP, JavaScript, DNS & FTP. Advanced ICT skill set.

Software Proficient in use of Adobe CC and Microsoft Office.

Higher Education

Degree Graphic & Communication Design

Classification First Class BA (Hons)

Institution The University of Leeds

Accolades Research & Leadership Scholarship

Advanced Level Grades

English Lang/LitA SpanishA Extended ProjectA Product DesignB

GCSE Grades

Digital ApplicationsA* + A* English LanguageA* English LiteratureA* MathematicsA* ScienceA* Art & DesignA* Electronic ProductsA* Religious EducationA* SpanishA Additional ScienceA