Elmwood Placement

25th March 2017

This post is just a quick update stemming from the Autokara project I completed a month or for back, and which was set by Elmwood. After submitting my wacky car-karaoke idea to the guys at Elmwood I was happy to be invited back to present my project to the team in the studio, albeit a little nervous – the video of me and my mum belting out Circle of Life is really quite something…

Anyway, after presenting my research, process and final outcomes (including the video) to a lot of the studio (who were on their lunch break and so gathered to watch, just my luck) we heard back quickly thereafter and I am happy to announce that I was chosen to complete a placement with the Leeds studio for two weeks which will take place over the coming Easter holidays.

For more information on Elmwood check out their website, and of course be sure to check out the Autokara project which won me the placement and even a behind the scenes look at how we pulled together that ridiculous video…