The brief set by Elmwood was to reimagine a local radio station for a world in which cars are automatic. Knowing that drivers will opt for more immersive entertainment, and after researching user motivations and benefits of local radio, I settled on the concept of an in-car karaoke service.

The Autokara service allows passengers to experience local music in a more immersive and social manner, with radio DJs becoming karaoke jockeys who curate stations which users can tune into through one of three modes:

  1. SoloSingle passengers sing along in the privacy of their own cars.
  2. HarmonizeMultiple passengers sing together or connect with friends in other cars.
  3. Traffic JamIn traffic a concert-style session begins featuring local favourites.

The visual identity for Autokara is inspired by radio and sound waves, with bright fun colours taken from those used on traditional karaoke screens, and includes a bold custom typographic logo.

To compliment the vibrant visuals, the tone of voice of the text is imperative but friendly, set in the bold but playful Effra by Dalton Maag.

Today's self-driving cars come equipped with central consoles, which Autokara's user interface takes advantage of, with a simple design using coloured bubbles to allow a user to quickly get singing along.

To demonstrate the light-hearted nature of the service and how the system works, I created this fun advertisement. If you’d like to see how we filled a car with lights and filmed the video, check out this blog post, or just enjoy below.

To further promote the service two sticker campaigns will be launched, one with magnetic bumper stickers for Autokara fans, and another with guerrilla-style stickers placed on parked cars.

Alongside advertising, branded microphones are available to add a tactile element and further enhance the immersive nature of the service.

I had a lot of fun completing this project, and was thrilled to be chosen to present it to Elmwood, after which I was offered the chance to complete a two week placement at their Leeds studio. More information on my blog.

Many thanks to Fiona Briggs for starring in the advert, Emily Birdsey for lending her talents as the voice of the Autokara system, and Steven Briggs for acting as the runner during filming.