This project explores the phenomenon of my speech changing depending on context, exploring identity through language and phonetics. The visual concept combines the idea of speech and identity in a simple, elegant graphic device.

From this I set about defining a set of styles, which I combined in a brand book. The colours are derived from the red and white roses of Lancashire and Yorkshire, from where my accent hails, and the typography is inspired by the styles used by specialists in phonetic transcription.

After extensive data collection and research on my speech, I combined all my findings in an 80 page report, which visually explores data from each of the four contexts in which I monitored my use of the spoken word.

Each of the four main sections includes information graphics, quotes, and text - all which serve to present the interesting data and findings, with an introductory and conclusory section highlighting general observations.

The report was printed and bound by hand, with the main chapters in white and the overview chapters in red, meaning the changes in language use are represented with a physical break between the sections of the book.

To raise awareness of the report, a poster series destined for the locations of the main two influences on my dialect, Yorkshire and Lancashire, uses the data to recreate the iconic red and white roses of each county.

Another fun manner of raising awareness took the form of a series of postcards containing common quotes from both Lancashire and Yorkshire, with the white postcards for the white rose of Yorkshire and the red for the red rose of Lancashire.

Many thanks to the everyone who consented to being recorded as part of this project, including Kevin Vázquez, Isabel Lea, Luisa Smith, Emily Birdsey, Fiona Briggs and Steven Briggs.