With the task of rebranding our hometown through the language of colour, this Pantone brief meant I had to begin by researching the significance of colour in my hometown, Burnley.

The claret represents the football club central to Burnley's identity, blue its record-breaking waterways, green its beloved parklands and countryside, and yellow its bright future of regeneration. The logo developed can be seen below and is called 'The Pennon', after naval flags of a similar shape, and can be set in any of the colours.

The new brand guide includes instructions on logo and colour use, as well as typographic styles, including DIN as a close match for the industrial-era typographic plaques in the town, and Cabin as a more legible alternative to Gill Sans for body text.

The angles of the town which inspired the logo are found in the pattern created for Burnley branded goods, in which the logo is used as a structural base.

With the angle of the logo derived from the diagonal angle of a standard piece of paper, the new brand can be left in the hands of the traditionally industrial people of Burnley, as they can make their own Burnley flags or bunting. Why not try making one yourself?

The standard paper angle also allows the brand to adapt to literally fit around existing materials, in which the logo can be structural as well as decorative, as with the A5 envelope below.

The angle is a constant feature throughout the brand, present in the chosen style of imagery which is designed to show the high contrast and angles which are present in the town.

Two mobile applications here make use of the brand, one for visitors to the town and the other for residents of Burnley. With such services for the people of the town, a colour scheme with which they can relate, and a brand which can be put in the hands of the people of Burnley, this brand is designed to be accessible to all the people that it represents.