Celebration is a typeface which began life as a basic set of letters I created for my Pearson project, but has since expanded to become a usable typeface consisting of four styles.

Celebration was inspired by the geometric properties of hand drawn signage, with four weights which can be layered individually to create fun combinations.

The typeface has been designed to work in three main languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese, with accented and specialised glyphs for each of these languages included.

Each letter was originally designed over a simple grid, inline style included, and were then adjusted optically before being rounded slightly and exported.

In order to use the typeface, typeset the desired text using the “Shadow” style, then copy and paste the same text in the “Fill”, “Outline”, and then “Inline” in that order, colouring and styling each style as you go.

This typeface is free for personal use under the CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license. This means that it may not be modified or used for commercial purposes, and I must be credited as the author of the typeface. Please be sure to check out the project over on my Behance and hit "appreciate" before you download below!