This brief was set by chef Sally Clarke and involved typesetting a sample of her upcoming cookbook. Inspired by Sally’s London restaurant and writing, I developed a simple and sophisticated British style.

The photography style was to be subtly and naturally lit, celebrating the natural curves and geometry, a style reflected in the stylised pattern above. It was quite a challenge to photograph wilting and melting ingredients such as whipped cream!

For the rest of the book I developed a set of styles, including colours inspired by the limited set of ingredients, a layout with extra margins for people cooking with dirty fingers, and a set of styles for the text.

After settling on a traditional combination of typefaces, Gill Sans and Caslon, I paid great attention to the art of typesetting in a layout which is clean and focused on legibility.

The introduction pages to the chapters devoted to a single ingredient feature a simple illustration and framed image of the ingredient in question.

The contents page visually groups each ingredient chapter by colour, and contains text showcasing the stylised ampersand used throughout the design.

Each recipe page includes large images of the finished dish, a simple list of ingredients, and instructions which are typeset to be easy to follow.