Set by Pearson, this brief was to promote the learning of intangible life skills, with my research leading me to explore the skill of discussing one's own work. When designing a visual identity for the service, I developed the following set of icons which use Pearson's existing brand colours.

I also created a custom font for the project, which I named "Celebration" due to the celebratory tone of voice of the service. I have since developed this font into a fully usable typeface which you can find more about and download here.

The service is split between a toolkit of booklets, including a spinner which allows a user to select the booklet relevant to them, and a mobile app.

The app first places user in one of ten communities based on the field in which they work, and they can then submit text or other media for review by experts in their community or by users from other communities, ensuring that the way they talk about their work is pitched at the right level for all.

The spinner provided with the booklet toolkit helps a user find the booklet written specifically for their community, which contains an array of advice, quotes and handy tips on how to talk about one's work with people within their community and with the general public. Features such as transparent overlays add an element of interactivity to the booklets by creating mini quizzes.

With an app for on-the-go use and a physical toolkit for situations in which internet is restricted or unavailable, the service meets the goal of being truly globally accessible. The toolkit can also be used, alongside advertisement posters, as a pleasant and useful addition to cafes, libraries, and settings.