This project was a live competition brief set by Sky, and involved redesigning the video section of the Sky Sports website. After being selected to present my work to Sky, I was excited to be offered a placement working with their digital media team.

I opted to build a modular design, which allows elements to be rearranged to fit on the screens smaller devices, all whilst maintaining a coherent experience and look.

Whilst designing I took ideas from other services, such as live search filters, an integrated sharing option, and a simple three step navigation system. The structure of the site was also simplified based on research data on the popularity of individual features and sports.

The design makes use of Sky’s existing visual style, but eliminates wasted space through a modular design, with features such as horizontal scrolling making better use of touchscreen functionality and limited space.

Smaller details such as timestamps being simplified to read as “earlier today” instead of “10am”, and icons for sports allow a user to quickly quickly gauge the content of a video before they choose to view it.

With thinner screens on mobile devices, indenting responses to comments seemed like an ineffective solution, so I devised an intuitive method of swiping through responses. This uses subtle visual cues to give comments with responses a sense of depth, suggesting to a user that they can swipe horizontally through the responses.

For the design I also developed a coherent set of icons and icon styles, and devised a “buffer zone” system for touchscreen devices. This extends the active area of the button beyond the visible borders of the button itself, allowing slightly misplaced taps to still be registered.