Barcelona is another beutiful city, with a strong character which is distinct to that of the south of Spain or Madrid. Rammed full of locals and tourists alike, the city is a melting pot of people, food and culture from all four corners of the globe.

What To Do

  1. La Sagrada Familia This huge masterpiece by Gaudí is indeed very well known and very well trodden, but it is so impressive and breathtaking that you can’t miss it. I didn’t manage to get inside but have heard only great things.
  2. Montjuïc This huge looking hill is worth the climb for the beutiful panoramic views of the city, and just around the back of the museum you can visit the Olympic Park, which is especially beautiful on an evening.
  3. The Coast It’s not every day you visit a huge bustling city which has a coastline, but I’d advise not to bother with the beach, rather grab yourself a rental bike or find a cycling tour and cycle along the front!

What To Eat

  1. Boceta De Calamares These fresh prawns fried in garlic, chilli and butter are perfect with some fresh bread to mop up the juices. Find somewhere small and cheap, and order alongside a variety of other dishes. Delicious!
  2. Jamón Ibérico This cured ham is a Spanish staple - they really can’t get enough of it! You can get sandwiches of the lesser quality jamón, but I'd reccommend splashing out on some of the proper ibérico stuff.
  3. La Boqueria Be sure to visit and try a bit of everything from this market, because not only is it all fresh and delicious, but trying to squeeze yourself around it's packed stalls is also an experience in itself.

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