A large city in Scandinavia, Copenhagen’s costliness is not to be reckoned with, however once you’re there you’ll realise that you don’t need to spend all that much money to enjoy the relaxed and safe atmoshpere of the city.

What To Do

  1. Nyhavn This picturesque port lined with colourful houses forms your typical travel brochure photo, but it is still a must-visit - just beware that every restaurant along its edges is vastly overpriced.
  2. Nørreport Head over to this modern market in the centre of the city for a huge selection of street food and local indulgences. Try some fish or drop by one of the many bakeries for a cinnamon roll.
  3. Designmuseum Danmark The Danish Design Museum is a treasure trove for designers and anyone interested in any kind of design, with objects from all disciplines spanning from the early years of art to the modern day.

What To Eat

  1. Fiskefrikadelle This dish literally translates as fish meatball, but I promise that it is tasty - I had mine with rye bread and a kind of sweet cold mashed potato. Visit Nørreport for some local offerings.
  2. Kanelsnegle Thankfully these ‘cinnamon snails’ contain zero snail meat, just buttery pastry and cinnamon bliss. To be enjoyed with a fresh coffee in a cosy little café down any street of the city.
  3. Røde Pølser You’ll see hot dog stalls all over the city on your travels, but don’t be put off - these are actually really great (and cheap!). Be sure to order one ‘with everything’ and dig in.

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