Córdoba is a relatively small city in the south of Spain, but this merely means that its vast wealth of historical sights is packed perfectly between its shop-lined streets. With so much to see and do in its historical centre, Córdoba makes the perfect place to begin exploring the country’s history - but there’s always plenty of bars and restaurants if you fancy taking things a bit slower.

What To Do

  1. La Mezquita This mosque-cathedral is the main attraction which draws visitors to Córdoba, and with good reason. Islamic and later Christian architecture and styles clash in this breathtaking vaulted place of worship.
  2. El Puente Romano A huge Roman bridge spans the river which runs through the city, from which you can catch some amazing views out towards its suburbs and back towards the centre. See if you can spot the windmills!
  3. La Puerta de Almodóvar This gateway leads into a maze of beautiful streets, but just walking along the old city walls is an activity which in itself can wind up taking up plenty of your time as you traverse its pretty exterior.

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