Lisbon is an astonishingly beautiful city clinging to the steep hills near Portugal's coast, where the pace of life is slow and the custard tarts are bountiful and delicious. The perfect place to snap a few photos or just wander the streets seeking out fresh seafood, the Portuguese are sure to welcome you with open arms so you can make yourself at home here.

What To Do

  1. Alfama The oldest section of the city, having survived a devastating earthquake which destroyed most of Lisbon, Alfama's streets are narrow and its buildings are beautiful and make for a lovely day of wandering.
  2. Bairro Alto Accross just six or so streets are spread dozens and dozens of tiny little bars serving tapas and every kind of drink you could wish for, making Bairro Alto the place to be once the sun goes down.
  3. LX Factory This old industrial complex just under Lisbon's huge bridge has been turned into a lovely little area full of independent stores, bookshops and places to have a coffee and bite to eat.

What To Eat

  1. Seafood To eat well in Lisbon one merely has to find a restaurant with a handwritten menu, wander in, and then order a few small plates of seafood to share whilst working through a glass of white wine.
  2. Custard Tarts These sweet treats are the perfect snack with a coffee, and can be found in pretty much every bakery, eatery and kiosk in the city. They're much better than our British variants, so give them a go.
  3. Ginjinha This is actually a drink (and a strong liquor at that) rather than a food, but this sweetened cherry tipple is often served in mini chocolate cups, and can be easily found accross the city.

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