New York

The Big Apple is an intense core (ha!) of American activity, which although lovely, tired me out no end. Don’t be put off, though, a few days in New York is a perfect stint to do a selection of activities for every interest! Check out some of my decidedly design-orientated highlights below...

What To Do

  1. MoMA The infamous Museum of Modern Art is a treasure trove of design exhibits, ranging from the first computer icons to products designed by Dieter Rams, ending with an amazing two-part gift shop.
  2. The Empire State Building Head all the way to the top of this iconic edifice for breathtaking views over Manhattan, its surrounding waters, and beyond. Don’t forget to bring along a decent camera and a head for heights!
  3. The MCNY The Museum of the City of New York has a long name but an even longer list of famous design exhibitions, including works from all the greats. Once again, bring plenty of money for the gift shop.

What To Eat

  1. Pastrami Sandwich A New York classic, this sandwich is more meat than it is bread! Pop into any old diner and you'll be sure to be able to grab one, but be wary of the huge gherkin it’ll undoubtably come with...
  2. American Breakfast The Americans seem to have taken the full English breakfast, added huge scotch pancakes, and made it socially acceptable to top it all with maple syup. Not for the faint of heart - literally.
  3. Little Italy Okay, so this isn't really a dish, but it is a great area of the city to go and eat. We found a lovely little Italian and bagged a lovely pasta dinner with a selection of delicious free bread.

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