Orlando in Florida holds many happy memories for me, as I've been there on three visits with my family over the years, each time making the rounds through Disney World and the Universal Orlando complex. Here’s a selection of some of my favourite parks and, of course, food...

What To Do

  1. The Magic Kingdom With its rides, parades, firework displays and the sheer popularity of this amazing theme park, it simply is a must. It's tempting to head home after a busy day but do not miss the evening parades!
  2. Islands Of Adventure I do love coasters, and The Hulk at this theme park is one of the best. Universal Studios’ sister park, however, also contains an array of other amazing kinds of rides, and is very easy to navigate.
  3. Epcot My second favourite Disney park, the world showcase in Epcot is well worth a day’s visit, but personally I'd say that the Soarin’ ride and IllumiNations shows are the best and must not be missed.

What To Eat

  1. The Outback More Australian food than American, this steakhouse is still a Florida staple. Grab a huge bloomin onion to share for starters and then pick from the selection of steaks and sauces. Delicious.
  2. Funnel Cake I find most American foods to be overrated, however nobody ever told me how good these are! Grab one from Epcot and be sure to load it with ice cream and chocolate to keep it from being too dry.
  3. Perkins A Florida staple, these typically American restaurants can be found dotted all over, and are a great place to go grab yourself a traditional breakfast where everything is best covered in syrup.

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