The infamous city of Seville is one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations, and it’s not hard to see why. From endless streets packed with charismatic bars to stunning buildings and sights around every corner, Seville really manages to deliver a tonne of character in an area easily explored on foot. Grab your camera, build up an appetite, and head into the city...

What To Do

  1. La Giralda This bell tower built on top of an old minaret clings to the side of the city’s cathedral and forms a reference point across the city. I enjoyed wandering past it most whilst it was illuminated at night.
  2. La Plaza de España This huge plaza was built for an exhibition in the early 1900s, but still astounds with its sheer size and the gorgeous decorative detail lavishing every inch of its buildings and walkways.
  3. Metropol Parasol An iconic and somewhat strange looking structure in the centre of the city, this wacky viewing platform stands above a food market and the Antiquarium museum in one of Seville’s large squares.

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