Stockholm is a beutiful city which, although lacking in specific tourist sights, offers plenty to do (and, of course, eat). Spending most of our time split between the main island, Norrmalm and the student/design area of Södermalm, check out some of my personal reccomendations below...

What To Do

  1. Fotografiska This world reknowned photography museum not only holds exhibitions from some of the biggest names in the business, but has a top floor coffee shop with some of the best views accross the city.
  2. Kulturhuset Described as a cultural centre and theatre, this crazy building in the centre of the city is home to many levels of arts libraries, exhibition spaces, theatres, coffee shops and more!
  3. Pryssgränd The name of a street which, if veered off in a northern direction, offers some of my favourite views accross the waters surrounding the city. The perfect spot to take some photos and relax.

What To Eat

  1. Max Burgers This chain may look like your average fast food tack, but everything we ate was delicious. In a city where food is so expensive, take the opportunity to grab something big and relatively cheep.
  2. Strömmingsvagnen A tiny unsuspecting hut by the waterfront on the edge of Södermalm actually sells some of the best local street fish you can get. Try one of the wraps filled with fresh fish and vegetables!
  3. Joe & The Juice This prevalent café chain can be found all over in both Denmark and Sweden, and sells a range of delicious fresh sandwiches alongside its huge selection of freshly made juices.

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