11.05.15 — Journal

Deadlines Down, Exams To Go

There comes a time in life when one looks forward to washing up, where human interaction is precious and rare, and when cooking even the most basic meal becomes a luxurious indulgence. Yes, it’s deadline time – but thankfully it’s all over now. Hey, just yesterday I ate a plate full of actual vegetables and almost wept with excitement.

But what are the fruits of my perhaps over-dramatisation of the work I’ve been powering through for 14 hours a day? Well, there’s a new piece for my portfolio which will be online pretty soon, which was my Pantone D&AD brief to reimagine my hometown – Burnley – through the language of colour. Here’s a sneak peek at one of the sheets I handed in…

A sample of my Burnley brief

I have also been busy reading, researching and writing my way to 3000 words for my typography essay. If you’ve been following my updates over on my project page here you’ll already have some idea of what it’s about, but now it’s all finished and you can head on over to read online, check out the research which lead up to its creation or download a copy. It is entitled “Modernism and the New Media: Constructing the Crystal Goblet Online.”

The essay deals with modernist typographic philosophy (clarity, simplicity and readability) and argues for the consideration of modernist principles when typesetting online. It concludes by providing some quick pointers for web designers for when dealing with typography. Here’s the cover – click here to download a PDF copy!

Other than that I haven’t much news to impart. I’m currently headed back to Burnley for a few days working at Burnley Arts Centre, but I’ll have a secondary role as house chef and baker and provider of moral support to my sister Ellie as she begins her AS exams. Good luck Bel!