25.01.19 — Journal

Even More Surprising News

Once again I find myself writing the words “surprise news” for a blog post title, and this time I’m beginning to worry that I’ll soon run out of the adjectives needed to keep the series running. It was back in January 2016 –three years ago now– that I first posted some exciting news on my blog, back when I first discovered that I had been accepted to complete six months as an intern at Erretres, a design studio I’d admired since beginning to look for possible companies to intern with.

Since then, safe to say, it’s been quite the journey! After my internship, I returned to England to complete my final year of university, and then wound up securing myself a graduate job back at Erretres in October 2017. The story’s latest update came just a few months ago in October last year, when I made the decision to leave back for England, where I’ve been and still am. 

In the blog post announcing my move back to the UK, I noted my doubt that it’d be my last time living and working in Madrid, and how I knew I was sure to miss working with the great group of people at Erretres specifically. This has been true indeed, for although I have enjoyed prepping my new portfolio and this shiny new website, I have missed the people and lifestyle in the big city quite terribly.

Imagine the shock, then, as I now reveal the news that I have come to impart today: that I’ve just accepted an offer to return to Erretres!

It has all happened rather suddenly, I’ll admit, but I am over to moon to be heading back to Madrid. In the last post before I disappeared in order to update my site, my look back over 2018 posted on New Years Eve, I mentioned that I may have some exciting news to impart, and this was indeed it. Quite the start to 2019 I’ve had!

In terms of my next steps, I’ll be moving out of my cosy home village of Worsthorne and back to the kooky streets of Madrid at the start of February – three weeks to the day as I sit here writing this post (Saturday 12th January – I often write these things a bit in advance). I’m happy as that gives me the time to get myself organised, packed, and all my goodbyes said to friends both local and over in Leeds and beyond.

I’ll be taking the chance to get the boring admin stuff wrapped up and otherwise take it nice and easy whilst I still can!

Between now and then, I can’t say that I have all too much lined up, as I’ll be taking the chance to get the boring admin stuff wrapped up and otherwise take it nice and easy whilst I still can! If anything interesting pops up to report back on, you can bet I’ll be here with an update, but I suspect that the next time you hear from me may be upon my return to Spain.

Here’s to the next unexpected twist in my life, and a happy 2019 to everyone. I hope that your 2019 is as kind as you as mine has been so far to me!