31.05.15 — Journal

Feasting & Fooling Around

With a temporary lapse in workload after my first exam comes time to kick back, and kick back I have been doing, starting with dragging my housemate Kat around Leeds city centre for a day of shopping and feasting. Out culinary tour began in Belgrave Music Hall, where I introduced Kat to the delicious half-price-slice pizza by the Dough Boys, before we headed on down to Kirkgate Markets to sample what we could find…

Baklava at Leeds Kirkgate Market

We came accross the Moorish stand in the markets, and a platter full of Baklava beckoned, which we quickly snapped up, before heading further into the markets where I bought a portion of Mushroom Pakora to share as a little snack. We then went on a search for the relocated Turkish Delight stand, a search which proved in vein and we were sadly left empty handed.

I was very shocked to learn that Kat had never visited Trinity Kitchen, one of my favoruite food spots in Leeds, and so after I spent what wass probably a little too much money on some new clothes for Germany, we headed straight for Trinity. There I indulged in some Chicago Rib Shack ribs and convinced Kat to splash out on a delicious Rola Wala indian wrap – after which we were both suitably stuffed. We soon spotted a Waffle truck, however, and didn’t feel so full any more.

I opted for a brownie waffle and Kat a shortbread style concoction, accompanied with what was possible the best homemade raspberry lemonade I have ever tasted.

Waffles and lemonade

The next day I still wasn’t feeling up to doing all that much revision, and so I joined my other housemate Em and her partner Lincoln for a super exciting trip out – to Aldi. On our journey back home, during which I developed a decent pair of biceps courtesty of four cartons of orange juice, we wandered back through Burley Park and decided that we wanted to go on the swings (like the big children that we are). We arrived home, dumped our shopping, grabbed some Aldi Rocket Ice Lollies and headed back out into the surprisingly potent sun, me with my camera in tow.

Soon we were having a jolly whale of a time on the playground, reliving our youth, and my camera was there to capture it all. Here are some highlights from our frolicking in the Yorkshire sun…

Kat looking flawless whilst I fail miserably
Kat and Em prepare to be destroyed on the roundabout
The scene just after Em pushed me over

After this we headed home and gathered to print off and stick up some Polaroid style photos documenting our memories through our two years of being flatmates and housemates, and got a bit nostalgic and sad that we’d all be headed off in our seperate ways at the end of the month. To cheer ourselves up we put on the old classic Bridesmaids and ate a tonne of white chocolate and cranberry shrapnel cake I had thrown together to use up some stale Rice Krispies and dried cranberries I had lying around…

White chocolate and cranberry bites

I am writing this as I am currently sat on a Burnley-bound train on my way to meet up with Danni for a coffee and a catch up – feels like we haven’t seen each other in ages! I shall return to Leeds tonight, however, as we have a BBQ lined up to make the most of our little garden and the what promises to be fleeting springtime sun.

I shall be back here after my next exam and a plate full of barbicued meat…