17.09.15 — Journal

Rhythm & Blues & More

Just before jetting off to Copenhagen this weekend (a post for which will be coming very soon), me, my dad and sister wandered off down to Colne for the Great British R&B Festival. Naturally, I took the camera along – but even before we set off, the sky treated me to a display of sheer beauty right outside my bedroom window, arcing over Burnley.

A beautiful sky

After I somehow (given my total lack of vehicular control) managed to perilously park our car on what felt like a 45º incline, we scrambled up the cobbled hills of Colne and began weaving our way between angry taxi drivers, drunk punters and hot-dog stalls.

Française, fancy
I did try taking a nice photo

With all the pubs and clubs overflowing, we decided to keep on wandering and soak up the atmosphere as the sun set. Passing a church where me and my dad had stopped for a bacon buttie at last year’s festival, we were soon wandering past an overflowing Weatherspoon’s and to the extremities of the festival.

Ellie looking super happy to be here right now
A Colne church at the festival

We did take time to stop off at a Briggs family favourite, of course: the legendary Jim’s Café. It was packed out, however, much unlike the quiet family meal we’d had just the week before, so we took a couple of (very bad, hence their non-inclusion here) photos and headed back to the car.

A bridge thing

After such a busy evening of wandering round and doing next to nothing except clicking a shutter button, I concluded that I most certainly deserved a bath, and so lobbed a rather vibrant Lush Bath Bomb in the tub and clambered in. Their Intergalactic bomb was amazing – I couldn’t help myself but dash to grab my camera and take a photo. I leave you here with it’s beguiling blue and pink swirl…

Swirls of awesomeness