16.04.14 — Journal

Signing Contracts And Wandering

I write this whilst on the train zipping through the Yorkshire countryside, as with my current schedule I can find no other time to keep my blog up to date! As you may be aware, I’m currently partaking in a whole host of projects for both Burnley Arts Centre, Blaze Arts, my course at university and now my scholarship – which I’m very excited about!

The Roger Stevens building looking pretty in the springtime sun
A view from the Edward Boyle Library

I’m returning from Leeds, where I’ve been to sign my project contract and do a spot of shopping (because Leeds is my favourite place to shop!). I had a meeting with my project leader, Dr Kishore Budha, and then a chilled out chat with my mentor and PhD student Martin Hendry on the grass outside the union about the research we’ll be doing over summer. It’s all sounding very exciting and I wish I could disclose more, but due to the nature of the project I’ve to keep most things under wraps.

I have some exciting news about travelling abroad, bit I’ll wait until all the details are finalised before I tell you about that just yet! Speak of travelling, I’ve just arrived in Todmorden, and there’s a cat in the waiting room… Only in Yorkshire!

Ginger cat in the waiting room

In other news, yesterday me and my mum and sister went on a much needed trek over the countryside just behind my house. As much as I adore Leeds, I do miss being on the doorstep of landscape like this…

A view on our walk

Before this we agreed to take my neighbours dog, as we saw him in passing on the way up towards the fields, and so my sister Ellie took good care of ‘Eric’ as we traversed the countryside!

Ellie and Eric

My mum also made a friend, an unusually tame and forthcoming little lamb which poked its head through a gate as we passed by.

My mum and a friendly lamb

Also, in one of my moments of madness, I decided that the fact that orange can signify both a colour and a fruit is too confusing – especially when my cordial was both orange coloured and orange flavoured. I hence declared that it was too much orange and took to dying the cordial blue.

And with that little insight into my mind, I’ll leave you with photographic evidence, and the promise of another blog post on the redesign of Culture On A Shoestring which I’m currently working on.