17.01.19 — Journal

Welcome Back

Hello to all of you that have checked back to see what’s going on, and to answer that very question: a lot has been going on!

As you can see, my blog has had a fresh lick of paint to start 2019 off with a bang. However, it’s not just the blog: my entire site has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. Now, as well as pondering over the posts here on the blog, you might want to check out the work I get up to or just find out a little more about me.

If you’re a designer and/or a little bit technically inclined, you can read over the new colophon which explains how the site has been made, along with all the legal jargon that I should probably include. That said, the first time I proper tested the entire site was last night when I quietly launched it, so there’s the possibility that a few things might still not be working perfectly. If you do spot anything, please let me know.

That about concludes this quick blog post to welcome you to my new site, but be sure to drop by again soon – I’ve some very exciting updates coming very shortly. Until then, happy browsing!