Blue Eyes

It was at that moment that I realised what was happening. You know how there’s two moments of realisation always, the factual moment that the information is processed by your brain. The moment you are told or you read something, you witness or you experience something. Then there’s the second moment of realisation, when the reality of the situation suddenly hits you. It was this latter moment of realisation that now hit me, a sadness and despair that washed over me in an instant.

With resignation albeit sans hesitation I knew what must be done and I knew that the sendoff had to be as organic as possible in order for it to suppose a complete and true catharsis. I decided to let the fantasy be lived, to allow a foggy mind of disjointed thoughts patch together its reality and a pathway for us to follow.

Those big blue eyes looked at me for one last time, and we headed into the car. I was whisked away by the excitement of those eyes, the optimism bordering on carelessness which spun us around the curves of the road to the summit.

There we laughed and we rejoiced and we celebrated a world which never was. To kill this reality would be no murder, for no such reality ever existed.

But, alas, there was still a body.