16.08.17 — Journal

Another Day of Summer

As most of the world knows, Britain’s summer comes in dribs and drabs, and we enjoy sporadic hours of sunlight instead of any solid days or weeks of sun. Rather kindly though, mother nature recently blessed us with a nice warm day and so I took the chance to get out ambling in the countryside which surrounds where I live.

A nice good tree

We wound up in Hurstwood, a tiny nearby village where one of the buildings dates back to the 1500s. From there we took a hidden path down behind some houses and down to a place where two streams meet, and headed back up towards the road to Yorkshire.

A building from the 1500s
Butterflies are out in force
A recovering tree

Wandering over a hill, we headed back down one of my favourite words to walk down but least favourite to drive down. The winding single-track road connects my village to the linking road between Yorkshire and Lancashire, and it’s pretty much a death trap if you even attempt to navigate it at anything above 15mph! Winding blind corners and a perilously narrow crossing point mean that it’s not one for the faint of heart – but it is pretty.

Somewhere beyond those trees lies Yorkshire
Looking down said danger road
This has a Windows XP feel about it

Just before we arrived back home we came across as a field of horses, and one in particular stood out as particularly enchanting as its white mane caught the setting sun.

Hello there

And so concluded another day of rare sun here in Lancashire. It has since returned to the usual programme of grey rainy days, but here’s hoping I can get back out with the camera again sooner rather than later!