19.10.18 — Journal

Another Surprise Move

Today I come with some unexpected news to share, meaning this post will be a little more visually dull than the usual programme of photo-filled updates, but bear with me as I shan’t beat around the bush too much, so here we go…

After weeks of will-I, won’t-I, I have eventually taken the decision to hand in my notice at Erretres and move back to England from my beloved Madrid. Naturally it’s not a decision that I took lightly, and there were many factors to consider, but in the end I feel like now is the right time for a change, and I’m pretty confident that it’ll all be for the best.

As I’m sure has been evident from all the blog posts over the past year or so – and even the ones from when I completed my six-month internship – I have always loved working as part of the Erretres team, and so it really pains me to say goodbye (again!) as my last day approaches next week.

That said, I know that I’m leaving on good terms here in Madrid, and I have an inkling and a hope that this isn’t the last time that I’ll be working here in some capacity. It’s pretty clear for all to see that I love Madrid and life here in Spain as a whole, so you can all bet that either way I won’t be gone for too long – be it flying visits, extended holidays or even returning to live and work here once again!

I feel like now is the right time for a change, and I’m pretty confident that it’ll all be for the best.

As I begin to sort through my belongings in preparation for my return to the UK, I still don’t have a fixed job offer lined up, but I’m currently exploring a few options and offers with every confidence that I’ll soon be back to reveal what my next step is going to be – be sure to keep checking back here for the latest.

Anyway, before my flight in early November, I do have a few things lined up which I’m looking forward to, including a few free days to check out places I’ve always been meaning to visit. After that I’ve got my dad over for five days in the city, and then I’ll be using him as a personal assistant with my suitcase as we both board the same flight back to the UK!

As much as I will surely begin to miss not being in the centre of Spain and not being able to do all the wild weekend trips that I’ve been cramming in recently, I am very much looking forward to spending some relaxing time with my friends and family back in the UK. I’d also like to thank said friends and family for their support as I’ve been considering and freaking out about this, the latest in the ongoing saga of pretty wild life decisions…

Naturally I’ll be back with the usual programme of updates over the coming weeks, but right now I’m sure you’ll appreciate that I’m going to be running around like a headless chicken for the time being! Until everything returns to something resembling tranquility, I shall see you later…