21.08.14 — Journal

Burnley Arts Centre Site

Another bit of news to impart with you all today! After working for Burnley Youth Theatre/Arts Centre for over two and a half years, I can reveal that I have been approached to spend time working full time to both design and build a new site for them.

When I first began working at the youth theatre, one of my first self-appointed tasks was to bring the coding of the old Burnley Youth Theatre website up to scratch. The previous construct, although relatively new, had been built with very outdated techniques (geeks among you, I’m talking tables holding images…) and which left little room for updates. I overhauled the entire back end of the site, with new images, text and structure which made for easier updates.

But of course, with the new Burnley Arts Centre brand and the amazingly rapid expansion of the organisation, a new site is now needed. I will be working alongside the Artistic Director and Artistic Producer of the organisation to build the new site, which is set to launch before the beginning of the new term next year.

I have also, of course, overseen the visual identity creation for the new Burnley Arts Centre brand which envelops the Burnley Youth Theatre brand as part of it. I will be continuing the new visual design language with the website, with a clean and simple layout which is adaptive for every imaginable screen size.

As you’ll notice, the Burnley Youth Theatre site is currently down, whilst I continue to prepare our server for all the shiny new pages to come. Once the site goes live, I will return with another blog post and an entry on my portfolio outlining everything.

For now, I am going to eat some caramel popcorn and listen to some music way over the recommended volume limit. Goodnight!