31.03.15 — Journal

Can’t Leave Home Without

Now that I’ve finally bought myself a proper camera, I thought I’d try out some photography whilst listing a few of the items that I just cannot leave home without. And so, without further ado, on with my list…

iPad Mini

My trusty companion for when my laptop is just too much bulk to lug around. Mainly used for Spotify, catch-up TV on the go, and the occasional doodle on 53’s Paper app.

53 Pencil

Wherever my iPad goes, so does this little beauty. Paired with the companion Paper app, offers a hi-tech replacement for my standard notebook. Speak of my notebook…

Waldo Pancake Notebook

Not only are these notebooks quirky and fun, the double spreads including both plain and ruled decent weighted paper make for a lovely day-in, day-out working notebook.

Lush Lip Service

Especially relevant with the current winter winds, I am always sure to carry a pot of this in my left pocket to keep on top of my terrible skin.

iPhone 6

My trusty phone, kept in sync with my iPad and MacBook with the beautiful service that is iCloud. Most frequently used for photography on-the-go and enjoying my latest Spotify playlists.

Bento Box

For lunching in style and keeping portion sizes down, my newly acquired Bento Box from MoMA is perfect. Usually found thrown in the bottom of my bag holding mackerel salad or tuna sandwiches.


I drink a lot of water, so you’ll always catch me in a bottle. I don’t know what else to say about this one.

Apple Keyboard

A perfect companion for my iPad for on-the-go working, I chose this over any iPad case as it’s the same size as the keyboard I am used to on my Mac.

Lush Dream Cream

A lovely moisturiser for my uncooperative skin, which I tend to decant into smaller containers for portability. I am not afraid to smother my lips in this stuff too should I lose my Lip Service.

Mifa Bluetooth Speaker

Small but powerful, this is useful for broadcasting my Spotify playlists as loud as possible to anyone in the vicinity. Being a thoughtful person, however, this is mainly reserved for car and private use.


Cheaper than getting my hair cut as often as I probably should.