19.09.15 — Travel

Copenhagen Weekend

So, in yet another bout of travel news, I’ve just landed back on British soil after a weekend spent gallivanting around Copenhagen once again! If you haven’t already, check out my previous blog post from my January visit, and then carry on and enjoy the sights…

Nyhavn looking pretty

We begin with the obvious news, which is that me, Beth, Martin & Em headed on down to the picturesque and grossly busy tourist destination of Nyhavn, the harbour which Copenhagen is famed for. As beautiful as it is, we opted not to spent too long wandering up and down it’s cobbled streets, for we had much more to see.


On the first night, after meeting up with Iz who’s currently working out there, we headed on down to the market of Nørreport for some tea and ice cream. I tried a delicious fiske frikadelle, basically a ball of fish meat, with some rye bread (a Danish staple) and some kind of cold mashed potatoes with pickle in them. It was gorgeous!

Fiske frikadella og rugbrød
Fiske frikadelle og rugbrød

The next day we set off to take a guided tour of Copenhagen, as Em and Martin had never been, however I had to bail halfway round due to a mysterious new illness I began to suffer from (turns out it was heartburn). I did, however, get to see much of the city before I had to go and lie down…

Old street
Nyhaven from the bridge

On my final day (Sunday), we headed over into an area in the north known as Nørrebro, where Izzy is currently living and working. A more alternative, student-filled area, Nørrebro is a great place for travellers wanting to wander off the tourist-beaten track and find some real gems.

However on our way, we incidentally ran into the path of the Copenhagen Half Marathon which just so happened to be taking place, and so were forced to detour our way through the city and wander over some damp confetti and past piles of plastic cups. I didn’t quite fancy joining in the running.

Well I don't run at all
Me and Beth stop for a moment
Cups, cups everywhere, but not a drop to drink

Once we’d managed to make it to Nørrebro, we stopped off at a new luxury toast café for some of the most delicious toast sandwiches I’ve ever tasted, and wandered round it’s small streets looking for a Coffee Collective, where we stopped for a coffee and some kanelsnagel (cinnamon rolls).

My fancy toasties
Beth exploring Nørrebro
A lightbulb (which I liked a lot)

We also took a visit to the Rundetaarn, or Round Tower, back in the city centre. Hiking once more up it’s spiral ramp, we took in the panoramic views of the city, before heading back down for a fresh smoothie in Joe & The Juice.

The spiral ramp
Don't look down...

All too soon, however, it was time to leave good ol’Copenhagen and make back for Manchester Airport. I managed to fit in one last evening stroll before I left, before devouring a “breakfast pizza” in Copenhagen Airport before my flight back. I am not sure whether there’s such thing as “breakfast pizza” but it sure tasted good, and I shamelessly finished the whole thing myself.

Breakfast pizza
Goodbye once more, Copenhagen

Remember: You can read about my previous trip to Copenhagen in January 2015 by clicking here.