17.11.16 — Journal

Design Wheels In Motion

As mentioned in a blog post from the beginning of this year, it’s been quite a while since I launched my blog and then my website, with my blog now over three years old and the rest of website marching towards it’s second anniversary!

That blog post outlined a few interesting things which had happened up until that point, and now with six months of professional experience working out in Madrid with the wonderful Erretres under my belt and various other projects ongoing or completed, I’ve decided to start actually devoting some time to the redesign of my website which was mentioned in that post from months gone by.

As the most visited part of my website, I have naturally started things off by evaluating my blog. The green on this section has now gone, and the grey background has been replaced by a purer, fully white design, with nothing but the very occasional subtle shadow to create depth and separation. The typeface for the main text within the post has had a facelift, with a wider, more modern font now in use, and a new feature menu makes better use of the screen space available on modern devices.

You’ll also (finally) be able to click on images to expand them for more detail, and there’s a few other hidden interactions that you’ll be able to make – and even further future ones which I’m toying with for the time being…

The current state of the new blog design

The new design will initially appear very familiar to those reading my blog on their desktops, and this is a consciencous decision – I am quite happy with most aspects of my current website and so want to keep the familiarity and simplicity as intact as I can, especially within the blog section. More major changes will be occurring within other areas of the site, one of which can be seen in the menu as “Portfolio” will become “Projects”, to allow for a wider scope of cool stuff that I want to get posted on here in the future.

If you’ve any feedback please be sure to drop me a comment on my Facebook Page, privately via email or even in person if you’re unlucky enough to see me in the flesh from time to time! Until then I’ll be working on more exciting updates ready to begin the construction of this behemoth change – I’m hoping for a launch before the end of the year but we’ll have to see how cruel HTML can be…