09.03.22 — Journal

Eleanor’s Graduation

This is just a quick post in order to mark a special occasion that’s happening over a thousand miles away – my sister, Eleanor, is graduating!

Unfortunately, due to both COVID capacity restrictions at the graduation venue and my own busy schedule here in Spain, I’ve not been able to make it over to the ceremony today. Also, given that I’ve now weaned myself of the last of my social media accounts, Instagram, I’ve no other platform than here to mark the occasion and celebrate her achievements over the last few years – so here I am!

Today Eleanor is celebrating finishing both her undergraduate degree and her subsequent master’s degree in biology, even though she actually finished them about a year and a half ago – the celebrations have, of course, been delayed because of the pandemic.

A huge congratulations are in order as she finally has the chance to waltz up onto stage and collect her certificates just like I did five years ago now, I’ll be doing my absolute best to live vicariously through FaceTime and photos that I’m sure she and my parents will be sending me throughout the day!

For now though, this photo of Eleanor from 2017 in my graduation robes will have to do…

Well done Bel!