06.03.23 — Journal

Film by Ellie

When my sister Ellie came over to visit towards the end of last year, she brought with her a film camera that she’d been using to document some of her holidays from last year. After exploring the city, meeting up with friends, and both cooking and consuming some good food, I was keen to see the snaps once she’d had them developed.

Just a month or so ago she finally got them developed and sent me a copy of them over. I loved them, and so asked if I could share them on here as a little look back over our autumnal shenanigans. So without further ado, here they are!

A night at the local Italian restaurant with Luis.
A cheeky drink after a wander down the river.
Me giving California vibes in the municipal greenhouse.
Ellie ready to eat a delicious pizza at NAP.
Some breakfast pancakes made by yours truly.
Drinks down by the lake on our last day together.

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I did, they’re a fun and unfiltered look at a great few days we spent together in Madrid. To read all about it, be sure to check out the original post from October last year. For now, I leave you with this little look back and promise that normal programming with resume shortly!