04.06.22 — Journal

Here Comes the Sun

In stark contrast to the jovial atmosphere in Oslo, I arrived back in Madrid to discover casualties at home – four of my plants had died. I soon discovered the cause: a heatwave that has passed through Madrid while I was gallivanting around in the cool Norwegian air.

The sun was still out in force upon my arrival, and so I soon had some new seeds planted in no time. This lovely selection of flowers and coriander has already started to sprout: all’s well that ends well!

Flexing my green fingers isn’t all that I’ve been up to since arriving back, however, with a couple of non-stop weeks before I head off on my next trip – but more on that later!

My first moment of excitement came as Kevin arrived from the US as he begins a well deserved six week holiday back home in Spain. We were reunited when he passed by the office after I’d finished work, and spent an evening of laughs together here in Madrid before he headed off home to the north the next day. 

Another evening that week took me out to the theatre, where I’d booked tickets with Javier and Bogar to go and see Kinky Boots. We met up for a quick drink in the afternoon heat before heading to a theatre in the city centre to watch the musical.

We walked the red carpet in our not-so-kinky boots.

I really enjoyed the show, after which I found myself walking back home with an extra touch of sass. Those 10,000 steps have to get done, and a late night after the theatre is the perfect time to do so with the daytime heat now becoming somewhat oppressive as we move into June.

The new park between Plaza de España and the palace is lovely.

It may be warm with the sun’s arrival, but I’m fully aware that it’ll only get warmer as the summer wares on, and so I’m taking every opportunity I have to see the city in full bloom and change into my summer wardrobe. My summer collection this year now includes a lovely new yellow shirt that Bogar and Javier gifted me for my birthday – hence the vanity selfie below.

A vanity selfie in which I’ve just realised that my shirt matches the wall.

I took this photo on a walk around my local neighbourhood, where I’m lucky enough to have the river and the park that follows it just ten minutes walk away. Many an evening have been spent down there, catching up with friends in person or on the phone.

I thought these were oranges at first, but alas, they were just some orange flowers.

This week just gone has been a bit more relaxing, with time spent at home cooking, cleaning, and preparing my flat ready for summer. That doesn’t mean I’ve stayed still, however, as one evening I headed to ESNE, Madrid’s design university. There I attended the presentation of a book looking at the economic value of design within the Community of Madrid, stopping around after to chat to some other friends and colleagues with some wine.

Hey, don’t be fooled by the photo, all of the glasses weren’t ours!

The return of summer in Madrid brings with it the return of terraceo (hanging out on terraces) and tapeo (having tapas), and you can bet I’ve been doing just that in between times. It’s some compensation for the heat, which I know will soon start to becoming annoying – but until then, I leave this post here!