14.02.18 — Writing

Landing a Design Internship or Maybe Even a Job

For this my latest post I’m going to have to send you elsewhere, as recently I was enlisted to write an entry for our company’s blog on Medium. As someone quite new to this whole world of professional design and such, I figured the most useful topic which I’m relatively knowledgeable in would be the transition from student to working life!

Today we’ve just got round to posting the post on the Erretres Medium profile, so please feel free to head on over and give it a read by clicking right here. It’s mainly directed at design students trying to find an internship or graduating and looking for a job, so if that’s you and you have any questions then please be sure to drop me an email – I’m always happy to chat!

Also if you have a Medium account and enjoyed what I had to say, feel free to give me a little bit of applause. I’ll be back again very soon with the usual programme of nonsense on my blog here, but until then I’m heading out for the evening for Valentines Day burgers with all my single friends. Here’s to another year with my by myself!