03.07.17 — Journal

Leaving Leeds on Film

So in case you guys hadn’t figured it out by the passing of my final year degree show, my time at the University of Leeds has finally come to a close after I began four short years ago. Not to get all sentimental, but I’ve been scrolling back through my blog posts and one of the largest from first year (which can be found here) has reminded me about all the crazy things which have gone on since I left home.

There’s been the various trips to different parts of Europe and even a hop across the big pond to visit New York with the university. There’s been countless hours of university work to build up my portfolio, and plenty more hours spent chilling out with some of the best people I’ve ever met! There’s even been my year in industry where I was lucky enough to work with the fab team at Erretres over in sunny Madrid – it’s been a wild ride.

But back to business, I just got back a batch of photos from my film camera, and most of them document the launch of the degree show – our last official university even before the big graduation day. Talking about graduation, today I received my final grade, and I’m over the moon to have been awarded a first-class honours degree – now it’s just a case of finding a nice shirt to wear when I go up and shake hands with my certificate!

Last minute preparations
Everyone begins to arrive
The Smith family portrait

I also have a couple of photos from when my parents came to see the degree show and I took my dad out for some Father’s Day lunch – detailed in this blog post.

Me and my dad
Chilling outside Ox Club

So the next time you’ll hear I’ve been in Leeds will most probably be for my graduation on the 20th July – I’ll be sure to bring plenty of photos – I’m trusting my dad with my camera for the day so we’ll see what he manages to capture!

All that’s left to say I guess is thank you Leeds and everyone I’ve met along the way – it’s been great. Onwards to new adventures!

Goodbye, Leeds