24.05.17 — Travel

Liverpool With Kevin

As my parents had left me the car as they left for a week in the sunny Spanish community of Murcia, me and my friend Kevin resolved to make good and proper use of it and decided to head to Liverpool for a day. After a drive over in which I miraculously didn’t crash, we spent a good while circling through the city centre in a tizzy looking for a car park.

Once we’d actually managed to park up and scraped the bottom of our wallets to get some spare change to pay for our parking, we strolled into the centre of the city and began our explorations. I just had to pay a visit to some of the shops along Bold Street, including a tiny detour to visit the city’s oldest building, the Bluecoat Centre.

The courtyard of the BluecoatThe courtyard of the Bluecoat

We initially headed straight through the building to the rear courtyard in order to soak up some of the rare rays of sun, before stopping for a cup of tea and some lovely cake in the centre’s café.

A view from our spot
Reading in the gardens

Once we’d headed back inside I was enchanted by an installation of a tonne of posters which had been plastered on the high wall in the exhibition space, and spent some time trying out the manual setting on my camera and searching for good lighting – I found some eventually and enlisted Kevin as a model.

Posters for days
Is that Kate Moss?

With the return of the sun we decided to head back outdoors and down towards the docks and shopping centres of the waterfront. After we’d put the world to rights in one of our very lengthy discussions, we took the opportunity to try out some more photography, and I gave Kevin a lightning lesson on how my old film camera works. We took plenty of pictures on that too, and I’m hoping to have them developed soon!

There's only one way
Down at the waterfront
Kevin took this one

Once I’d tried to explain the intricate workings of my old manual Praktica camera, Kev tried taking a few photos of me on it. After this we headed back up towards Bold Street to get some lovely food on the way back to the car, the journey back in which was not without its strange creaking noises and flying pieces of metal in the road…

Stole my damn camera
Cool stairs are cool
Some lovely food

In spite of our neath death experiences on the M62 we arrived back in Leeds in one piece and then I had to head off to Leeds Bradford Airport to pick up my auntie and uncle who had landed back from Murcia just that evening.

In other news, today I literally half an hour ago just finished my final presentation for university – and now my last piece of assessed work is done! With a few more things coming up, such as the degree show, I’ll be in Leeds for a little while longer, but I’ll be sure to do a little bit of exploring here and there where I can – and naturally I’ll bring you all the updates here…