15.05.22 — Journal

Madrid Kinda Stinks

Here’s another short post to bring me up to speed with all of the increasingly frantic goings on in my life, and for this one we’re back in Madrid after a long birthday weekend up in Asturias. I started my return off with a bit of a downer, as I was sick for a few days (it wasn’t COVID again, thankfully) and thus housebound.

Once I was back out, the weather had started to turn, and I managed to catch the second of the two days that form Madrid’s spring – the weather here seems to go from cold to boiling in a matter of days every single year! This heat brings with it the shall we say interesting smells of a hot and dry populous city, hence the title of this post…

I’m always surprised by the new places I find just next to my house.

I wouldn’t want to throw my adopted city under the bus like that though, so I’ve to admit that I’m being an exagerado, as they’d say here – someone who exaggerates everything. In reality, the lovely weather brings with it the chance to spend my evenings with friends and walking around some of my favourite areas of the city.

With these photos, I briefly summarise a week spent seeing friends, munching on some proper British scones in a new café one of them showed me, heading out for unlimited BBQ meats at a restaurant near my house, and even a drunken evening in with Luis where we made some homemade chicken curry. It’s been non-stop!

Speaking of non-stop, I write this post from outside the country once again – my new year’s resolution to travel more seems to be outweighing my desire to start saving up a bit of money. I guess you can’t have it all, and I’ve to make the most of being able to travel after two years of semi-quarantine.

More on that in my next blog post, when I’ll be talking about where I currently find myself!