20.10.13 — Journal

Optima is Optimum

Today’s been a hectic day of running around and catching up with the Monday morning workshop I missed just this week – I needed to get my skates on and work on Brief Number 2: to create a poster promoting a font that we’d been assigned. I (thankfully) ended up with Optima, and so I got to work on some research and sketching…

Then after another full page of research which I won’t trouble you with, I sketched three quick ideas for possible poster copy, layout and design, and then, using my favourite go-to program for super quick mockups, Adobe Fireworks, I haphazardly threw the three ideas together and made them into digital prototypes.

If you’re wondering why they’re so dull both in terms of colour choice and general form, we’ve been restricted to using only the assigned font to create the design, and a colour palette of black and white with one shade of grey. Hopefully I’ve been inventive enough with the composition and use of glyphs as structural elements that they don’t look like complete tat.

In other news, I went down to Apple today with the intention of buying a new phone, only to be told that they had none in stock and had no clue when the next shipment of them would arrive. They’ve told me to go and order one offline – but a quick look reveals that there’s still a 2-3 week wait before they even ship. Not happy. Maybe they’ll inspire me at their iPad event on Tuesday