04.04.14 — Journal

Research Scholarship

So I start my latest blog post with some exciting news – I’ve been awarded the University Of Leeds Undergraduate Research & Leadership Scholarship for the School Of Design!

I quietly applied a few weeks ago, and never expected to be given this fabulous opportunity. Over the next two years I’ll be working alongside Dr. Kishore Budha and Martin Hendry and other researchers from the university on a piece of research that I’m not allowed to disclose. I’ll begin my work fully this June and will have completed and published my research findings and design concepts by the end of Summer 2015.

Some of the details have yet to be finalised but I’ll be engaging in all sorts of activities, from fundamental research skills such as literary reviews and holding focus groups, to exciting trips overseas to visit international conferences. I’ve to document and publish my findings, so I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook if you want to stay informed on your timeline too.

I mention all this as I was back in Leeds yesterday for a scholarship meeting, after which I met up with Izzy to have a catch up over lunch. I then met back up with my mum in the city centre to do a spot of shopping, during which I also had a quick catch up with Emily, who I was lucky enough to catch passing through!

A very quiet Millennium Square
A lovely little street of shops which I don't normally visit

I also introduced my mum to one of my favourite spots in Leeds, Trinity Kitchen! She seemed a bit skeptical first, but after some tacos and a delicious vegetarian Sri-Lankan curry, she was a total convert!

Our freshly made Sri-Lankan curry

But now I’m back home, and it’s cold. It was really nice a few days ago, and I managed to sneak in my first iced tea of the year! I’ll leave you with it, because I feel like it’s quite a nice photo.

A delicious iced tea to kick off summer