07.12.19 — Journal

The Arrival of Autumn

With work becoming busier as we head into the festive period – something which has struck us all as quite strange, as things usually begin to quieten down during the winter months – I’ve been dedicating most of my spare time to chilling out and recovering at home. I did, of course, have a wild trip back to England thrown in the middle, but other than this, it’s been a rather rather tranquil time!

Because of this, this blog post is much more of a visual diary rather than an account of anything particularly interesting. This isn’t to say that I didn’t get up to anything, however, as I had a lovely catch up with María from work over some vegan burgers, and have also spent plenty of time cooking and cleaning at home.

A street in the northern neighbourhoods of Madrid.

My little trips around the city and the daily commute to the office have allowed me to observe the lovely colours of autumn as we moved into November (and now December?! How has that happened?). I’ve collected a few of these photos below, so enjoy the little visual diary of this Spanish autumn!

Yellow leaves are lit up by the morning sun.
The yellow leaves of the tree.
Sunlight enters through a window at work.
The trees outside Atocha Train Station in Madrid are bright red.
Autumn leaves and shattered glass.
Street signs under autumn trees in the morning sun.
The facade of the Ministry of Agriculture in Madrid is lit by the evening sun.

As we are now (somehow) already one week into December, I should really update you all on my Christmas holiday plans. I’ll be back in England for ten days over the festive period, but I’ll be back in Madrid to welcome in the New Year, and so I have spent a whopping 3.50€ on decorating my flat for the yuletide…

My palm plant covered in fairy lights casting multicoloured shadows.

Presenting my budget Christmas tree!