21.03.17 — Journal

The Home Straight

As promised just over a week ago, I did go into hibernation for a short while, but I am back and very pleased to report that my final typography project and my dissertation are all handed in! My dissertation, which I haven’t really mentioned up until now, explored the practice of branding when the organisation in question sits in the nonprofit arts sector.

My finished dissertation

This, along with the typography project I submitted just this morning, meant that I spent much of the past few weeks in the library, either alone in the silent study area or with everyone else who was also trying to wrap everything up ready for submission. It wasn’t too bad though, with a shop for snacks across the road, and the lovely view from the new Laidlaw library…

A view from the library

Between submitting each project me and Emily took a few hours out to catch the new Beauty and the Beast movie, which I enjoyed a lot more than I expected. The subtle jokes were on point, the music was very catchy and the Be Our Guest scene had my jaw on the floor with the sheer amount of colour and explosive visuals that the guys at Disney had managed to squeeze into a 5 minute sequence! If you’re in the mood for a bit of joviality then be sure to pop the song on.

Anyway, before heading into the cinema we paid Five Guys a sneaky visit, where I loaded myself up on a little too much burger before buying a large popcorn, but you live and learn.

Chilling in Five Guys

Just this morning I handed in my final typography project, and so this afternoon I am doing a tour of some of my favourite coffee shops in Leeds, including Layne’s Espresso from where I bring you this post. If you’re ever in Leeds be sure to drop by and grab a flat white and salted caramel brownie – you will not be disappointed.

In less work-related and more uplifting news, tomorrow afternoon I fly out to Madrid, from where I’ll be embarking on a four-day tour of Andalucía before returning to Madrid for another four days. Whilst down in the south of Spain I’ll be checking out Cordboa, Sevilla, and Granada, and then I’ll be spending as much time as possible on a comfy sofa with a caña (small beer) in hand whilst in Madrid. I’ll be sure to bring you all the updates once I land back in England next week!