05.10.15 — Journal

The K’nex Castle

And now for something rather different (and I think rather exciting!)

Just the other week, me and my dad were up until a chilly 2am in the morning setting up, lighting, filming and de-rigging a huge 12ft castle that he has spent months constructing out of K’nex in our back garden!

The K'nex Castle by day - impressive enough

Inspired by the huge lighting shows I saw in Florida last year, I set about designing a system of lighting (using tonnes of LED and professional theatre lighting which I’ve amassed over the years) which could be hooked up to the DMX lighting control board that I bought a few years ago.

Having not done this kind of lighting for a while, it took me a bit of time to get used to the method of setting up, linking in and programming in the lighting sequences, but by 1am we were all set up and ready to begin filming.

If you liked our creation, check out how we did it, or pop over to the YouTube video page to leave a comment or to give it a thumbs up!