12.02.15 — Journal

UsTwo Etcetera

And now for a quick overview of recent events. Just last weekend me, Luisa, Izzy and Beth headed down to Trinity Kitchen where the Real Junk Food Project’s Pay As You Feel Café were finishing off their residency in style – they’d convinced all the other temporary vendors in the kitchen to go “pay as you feel” for the day too.

This meant that we could pay whatever we felt for all the food, so me and Luisa treated ourself to a delicious jerk chicken wrap. Of course we were sure to pick up some food from the PAYF ‘Ambulance’ (they were serving their food from a repurposed ambulance) and made a donation to the amazing charity, which has already been featured on nationwide news.

Trinity Kitchen during the PAYF event

On the way home me and Luisa noticed that the sky was particularly pretty, and so we hopped down a side street and took a moment to stand on a wall and look out over Leeds and the sunset.

The sky over Leeds

But in design related news, we had two visiting speakers at uni today, both from the amazing digital studio UsTwo. They shared examples of their work, their studio culture, and then some tips for us all before we head off and apply to studios for our year in industry. I found much of their work fascinating and right up my street, such as their handbook on UI practice and projects such as UsTwo Auto and learn.ustwo.com. I have put them firmly on my list of agencies to check out!

Some of their advice was as follows:

  1. The product doesn’t have to be perfect, focus on the idea and the story of how you got there.
  2. Be keen to learn, and be versatile, be interesting.
  3. Show you can fit in with studio culture.
  4. Be up-to-date and show curiosity.
  5. Personal projects are a great way to learn and show interest.

I didn’t take any photos, but they did, so maybe I can track that down later and link you guys to it! I didn’t want to leave this post too sparse though so here (in order) are some photos of a cat I found in a train station, my room in all it’s multicolour glory, and an image which I feel encapsulates student life.

My new friend in the train station
My university room

For now here’s a teaser of some random experimental type work I’m currently completing for my D&AD Pantone Burnley Brief. You can check out my trip around Burnley for a spot of research here, but for now it’s some reading for my module and an early night for me. ¡Adios!

Some work on the Burnley brief