28.11.23 — Journal

Vermont & Tennessee

You may have seen that I’ve slowly but surely been putting out some blog posts from the fortnight I spent over in the Canada and the US in early October. Two weeks they may have been, but I got up to loads of stuff and so split the visit into six blog posts, which I have collected here below:

1Back to Montreal

I arrive in the Americas for some poutine and a quick weekend break with Megan and Mallory before we cross the US border.

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2Autumn in Williston

I learn what ‘leaf peeping’ is and we enjoy the great outdoors in the gorgeous Vermont countryside, complete with plenty of autumnal produce.

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3Jay Peak

In what might be the prettiest blog post ever, I explore the Vermont mountains with Maureen and Mallory whilst surrounded by striking autumnal colours.

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4Sunsets & Swimming Holes

Me and Megan finally get some time together, so we head off on a sunset cruise over Lake Champlain and then dive into the water in a local swimming hole.

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5Kevin in Vermont

We show a very special guest around Burlington, including sampling the local delicacies and then burning the calories off as we climb up yet another hill.

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Me and Danni make a dream come true as we meet up in Tennessee to visit Dolly Parton’s very own theme park. We watch a cowboy dinner show, ride some fantastic rollercoasters, and have lots of laughs down in the south of the US.

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As usual, you can also start at the very beginning of the trip and then just hit “Next blog post” at the bottom of each post as you go along. I’ve also updated my travel page with all the new locations I visited along the way. Happy reading!