07.05.15 — Journal

Deadline Drudgery

My blog has fallen into another stint of scant activity on my part, for which I apologise, but as you may have figured I have a perfectly good reason – deadlines have arrived. Well, I say have – most have actually been and gone (hence why I have the time to be sat in bed tapping this out at a reasonable time).

Naturally I don’t have much to share, no tales of any particularly interesting travels nor any anecdotes from any outings, but I did think I’d share this photo of Hyde Park looking lovely in the springtime sun.

Hyde Park in the sun

Today I also decided to take the evening off before my next deadline (a typography essay due on Monday, which I’ve been working on here), and I decided of all things to make a carrot cake for my house.

My carrot cake masterpiece

That’s all for now I’m afraid, but do be sure to keep a tab on my typography project, which I’ll be powering on to completion over the next few days. Once it’s finished you’ll be able to read and download the whole essay right here! The title of the essay shall be ‘Modernism and the New Media: Constructing the Crystal Goblet Online’.

Good luck to all with exams and deadlines and the such. I shall return from beneath a landslide of typography books next week. Peace out.