08.09.15 — Journal

Design Council & Burnley Arts Centre

And now I take a break from the usual lifestyle posts to bring you some exciting news – I have just been offered a project working with the Design Council England and Burnley Arts Centre!

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 20.15.29

This great opportunity comes after some Design Council representatives visited us to engage the whole staff cohort in a design strategy day, where we discussed and presented our opinions on our branding, the organisation’s purpose, and how we communicate our reason for being to the public.

I spent much of the day critiquing and discussing our brand, tone of voice, user experience and admitted lack of foresight when it came to the rebranding exercise of 2014. Subsequently, one of the Design Council staff got in touch and offered to work with us, with myself being singled out to lead the whole design strategy project.

I am currently beavering away at the Arts Centre (hence the lack of interesting posts), with my focus currently being on marketing the new term of youth theatre activities and professional touring productions, however my role will switch as of October 5th to Lead Design Strategist.

This is sure to prove to be an excellent opportunity both for the organisation and for myself, as I have recently begun to realise that I would much rather pursue work in design strategy and user experience in stead of typical visual design roles.