09.09.15 — Travel

Film Aus Deutschland

As you may have seen, a while back I jetted off with Izzy and Rhea to visit Luisa in her homeland of Germany! You can, of course, head back to have a nosey at the link above, but I’ve just got round to scanning some film photos we took whilst traversing Berlin and dancing away at the Bierfestivals – just keep on scrolling…

First up we’ve got some photos from Luisa’s hometown of Herzogenaurach, where I made good and proper use of my German-made Praktica MTL50 which I picked up in Leeds for a mere £25.


Before long, however, we’d wound up at the Kerwa beer festival, where I summoned upon the trusty Boots Disposable camera to take some snaps…

Izzy and Rhea at Kerwa
Zeit für Bier

We then, as per my older blog post, bundled ourselves onto a coach up to Berlin, where I took the next round of photos. These, again, are on my trusty Praktica.

Zeit für Fritten

And so concludes my collection of Film Aus Deutschland (film photos from Germany). As I mentioned before, you can check out the original post here for a more in-depth rundown of what we got up to. Tschüß!