01.01.13 — Journal

Earlier Posts Under Review

Hello there keen backtracker! Unfortunately you have reached the end of my blog posts, as I have had to manually re-upload each post from September 2013 backwards, and haven’t got round to doing the posts beyond this point.

This was due to my old website host shutting my site down without warning, leaving me without any of my posts, which I had to recover from a backup. All I could recover was the text, and so I’ve had to search through my hard drive for hours finding all the correct photos to re-upload along with the text – no mean feat.

I do have posts which date back further, but unfortunately until I have some more free time to put back all the missing images they’re hidden from view. I can only apologise for this annoyance, but with my old host giving me zero warning before deleting all my old blog posts this is the best I can do for now.

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