05.02.16 — Journal

Erretres: Exciting News

Hello there blog follower, or should I make that a hearty hola

I’m currently out in the beautiful city of Barcelona, enjoying the sights and savouring all the shellfish I can get my hands on, but the real news I have to impart comes from the capital of Spain itself – Madrid.

About a fortnight ago I had a battle with my laptop and iPad, in an attempt to get a Skype connection set up with Madrid-based strategic design studio Erretres, with whom I was excited (and very nervous) to have been offered a chat. Having sent them a copy of my portfolio in an envelope also full of my favourite sweets, sarsaparillas, I was very happy just to have been offered the opportunity to speak to them!

After a plethora of problems getting through to Erretres, I was finally able to chat about my work (in English) and then answer a few questions (in Spanish [argh!]). It was lovely to be able to chat to my favourite studio, but I didn’t really expect much to come of it – nobody expects to be accepted to work on their dream placement!

A few days ago, however, I received an email I never thought I would – I have been offered a six month placement working with Erretres in the beautiful Plaza de España (The Plaza of Spain) in the heart of the city. Obviously I immediately replied and accepted – and now I’ll be living in Madrid for six months in just over a week’s time!

Obviously with my poorly-timed holiday (oops!) everything will be a little bit rushed as far as getting out there over the next fortnight, but I’ll be sure to report back once I’ve settled in the city and have found a spare hour or so to get a new blog post out.

This means that my Barcelona blog post will also be delayed, but it’ll be worth it – prepare for updates over the coming months from the centre of the Iberian perninsula!

Obviously working in a Spanish studio in Spain means that I’ll be speaking (and hopefully drastically improving) my Spanish on a daily basis, and so I’m hoping to begin more frequent updates on the Spanish version of my blog and my Spanish website in general. If you’re interested in Spanish or know a little yourself, do feel free to check those out!

Until you hear back from me again, then, I guess it’s a hasta luego from me!