01.02.16 — Journal

Karting & Packing

The weather has gone from festive and cute to pretty damn nasty, and so I present a moody photo of me looking miserable to kickstart what is otherwise a very optimistic little blog post…

Cold misery guts

Anyway, I am obviously not here to moan about the weather but to tell you about a few things that are going on in the ever-changing world of Ollie Briggs.

Firstly, battling through the winter cold, I headed back to Leeds for the day to meet up with Rhea and have a huge catch up over a delicious Venezuelan Arepa in Trinity Kitchen! I then went on to visit Rhea’s accommodation for her time in England, an English school, and met an amazing bunch of people from across the globe – and we all had a great laugh at my northern accent!

My very first arepa

Secondly, my final day working on my Design Council & Burnley Arts Centre project came and went just this Friday! It’s been a lovely few months working with he team at Burnley Arts Centre and the Design Council, and this evening I enjoyed a delicious meal (where I treated myself to a filet steak) to celebrate! I will miss the team very much, but my sister’s Christmas present was sure to keep my mind off things… Karting!

Yes, just the other day me and my dad headed down to Colne to speed around a huge indoor karting track for half an hour, which was amazing fun, and something really different which one doesn’t really do every day!

Me and my dad ready to go

Before heading out on the track with a petrol tank precariously situated in between the legs, we were run through the basics of karting and the significance of the flags and warning lights – but before we knew it we were out on the tarmac and ripping around the converted mill as fast as our karts would allow.

The track

Sooner or later though, (and as was inevitable) I wound up forming part of the tyre barrier after the huge U-turn you can just about see above. After being rescued, however, I was soon back out zipping around at a slightly more sensible speed – but perhaps too sensible, as all too soon the red lights flashed and we headed back into the pit stop where I was told I’d come fifth out of 12. Could be worse…